For photo sessions

The Palace of the Writers’ Union is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful buildings in the Old Town of Vilnius. Here, we provide guests with the opportunity to book a time for photo sessions – personal and professional – on all days of the week. The price for a photo session depends on its nature (wedding, advertising, etc.) and the number of participants. By filming or taking photos at the Lithuanian Writers’ Union, you contribute to the promotion and dissemination of professional written work and the maintenance of the building.

To reserve time for a photo session, please contact us by phone +370 5 2123919 or email:, (it is necessary to indicate the time of arrival and the number of participants).

For events

There are two halls adapted for various events in the Writers’ Union Palace. A hall on the first floor and a slightly larger hall on the second floor can accommodate a hundred listeners. During the season, readings of the LWU’s members’ works, book presentations, discussions, concerts, and exhibitions organized by the Writers’ Club are often held in the hall on the first floor.

Preference for using the Writers’ Union premises is always given to the LWU’S members, but with prior agreement you can reserve the premises for your own events as well. The rental rate of the premises depends on the expected number of participants, the nature of the event, and the time of use of the premises.

For renting the premises, contact us by phone +370 5 2123919 or email:

Writers’ Union Palace 2nd floor hall