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Emergency residencies for Ukrainian writers

2022 April 14 d.

The Writers’ Union Foundation is launching a call for applications for a one-month literary residence with a scholarship in Vilnius for writers and translators from Ukraine.

Applications can be submitted by Ukrainian writers and literary translators in Lithuania, Ukraine and abroad. Applications can be submitted from 12th of April 2022. onwards. Applications will be evaluated as a matter of urgency, on an exceptional basis, and the application process will be suspended after all places are booked. Four candidates selected by a commission formed by the Board of the Lithuanian Writers’ Union will be granted a residence in Vilnius for 1 month and 650 Euro scholarships will be paid.

Application procedure:

Curriculum vitae (CV) and a short cover letter in Ukrainian, English, Lithuanian or Russian must be sent by email at inter@rasytojai.lt

Wait for an immediate decision from the commission after confirmation that the documents have been received and the application will be evaluated.

Contact information:
Marija Mažulė
Tel. +37067545651

Slava Ukraini!