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Lithuanian Writers’ Union calls for non-cooperation with the authorities of the Russian Federation

2022 March 1 d.

Lithuanian Writers’ Union condemns the Russian criminal war in Ukraine. We appeal to writers’ organizations, publishers and literary festivals around the world, calling for the termination of all relations with the Russian Writers’ Union and all its members. In the face of Russian aggression and war with Ukraine, the organization of Russian writers sided with Putin’s government, joining Russia’s official flow of lies and disinformation, publishing a statement in its newspaper Literaturnaja Gazeta on February 28, 2022, justifying and supporting the bloody invasion, signed by the leaders of the Russian Writers ’Union and many of its members.

This statement cynically distorts the facts about Russia’s long-planned and ongoing occupation of Ukraine. The war, in which the Russian army is targeting civilian housing, children’s hospitals, shopping malls and museums, is called “a special Russian operation to bring peace to the world.” In this report, in addition to other distortions and false statements, we find such dangerous lies as: “We are glad to see that many Ukrainians are starting to see the truth and accept the Russian army with flags.” Further communication with the Russian Writers’ Union and its members, who spread such and similar lies, would amount to support for Russia’s murderous policy.

We call on literary and cultural organizations around the world to end all contacts or cooperation with the state institutions of the Russian Federation supporting the Russian war in Ukraine.

Lithuanian Writers’ Union