Usinavičius Jurgis

Jurgis Usinavičius (real name: Napalys Augulis) – prose writer.
He was born 27 March, 1932 in Pimpičkiai, Kupiškis district.
In 1945 he was exiled together with his family, but in 1947 he came back to Lithuania and was hiding. In 1950 he changed his surname. In 1959 he graduated from Šiauliai Secondary Agriculture school. In 1973 he graduated from Academy of Agriculture. He worked at editorial office of “Mūsų sodai”.
A member of Lithuanian Writers’ Union since 1999.

B i b l i o g r a p h y :
Matau tavo vardą: novella. – Vilnius: Aklųjų leidykla, 1983.
Išskridusios bitės: novel. – Vilnius: Žiedai, 1995.
Akmenėjantis angelas: novel. – Vilnius: Žiedai, 1998.
Amžių dialogas: novel. – Vilnius: Žiedai, 2001.
Karalių kaimas: novel. – Vilnius: J. Usinavičius, 2004.
Likimai: istorinis novel. – Vilnius: Žiedai, 2004.
Vaikystės žvyrkeliai: novel of short stories for children. – Vilnius: Spauda, 2006.
Nulaužytų šakų giesmės: novel. – Vilnius: Žuvėdra, 2014.

A w a r d s :
1975 Winner of BELLADA competition in Vilnius.
1977 Winner of BELLADA competition in Tallinn.
1978 Winner of BELLADA competition in Minsk.