Sučylaitė Jūratė

Jūratė Sučylaitė – poetess, prose writer.
She was born 13 August, 1959 in Panevėžys.
In 1985 she graduated from Kaunas Medical Institute. She worked as a psychiatrist at Kaunas mental hospitals and also she edited a weekly magazine “Lituanica”. In 1998 after she won “Artslink” scholarship she spend a month in Iowa (USA) University Writers program and became a member of National Poetic Therapy Association. In 1998 she finished Iowa University creative writing program. In 2005 she finished study program and got a certificate of qualified poetry therapist. She works as with poetic therapy groups, attends conferences. Since 2006 she lives in Klaipėda. She got her Doctoral degree in 2011. Her debut in cultural press was in 1976. Her poems were translated into English and Croatian.
A member of Lithuanian Writers’ Union since 1994.

B i b l i o g r a p h y :
Tebūnie žmogus: essays. – Vilnius: Vyturys, 1990.
Žarijų duobė: poetry. – Kaunas: Vaidoto Oškinio leidykla, 1992.
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Sumaištis: novella. – Kaunas: Naujasis lankas, 1998.
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Poetikos terapija psichiatrinėje reabilitacijoje: monograph. – Klaipėda: Klaipėdos universiteto leidykla, 2012.
Poetikos terapijos metodas reabilitacijoje: methodic book (together with L. Švedienė). – Klaipėda: Klaipėdos universiteto leidykla, 2012.
Kūčių vakarą: miniatures. – Klaipėda: Klaipėdos universiteto leidykla, 2012, 2013.
Žodžio laukai: poems. – Klaipėda: Klaipėdos universiteto leidykla, 2014.

A w a r d s :
2004 Arturas Lerneris insignia of a pioneer for spreading the ideas of poetry therapy in Lithuania and Eastern Europe.