Sasnauskas Julius

Julius Sasnauskas – essayist.
He was born 18 March, 1959 in Vilnius.
From 1966 till 1976 he studied at A. Vienuolis Secondary school, but he was expelled for anti-Soviet activity and going to church. While working in Book Palace he finished 8th Evening school in Vilnius. In 1977-1978 he did his military service. After that he worked as a guard of Science Museum at Vilnius University. He participated in publishing underground press “Laisvės šauklys” and “Vytis”. He was arrested in 1980 for anti-Soviet activity and sent to KGB prison for one and a half years. Then he was exiled to Western Siberia for 5 years. He came back to Lithuania in 1986. In 1987-1992 he studied at Kaunas Priest Seminary. After his studies he wasn’t consecrated into priests and was sent to Toronto, where in 1995 he became a priest and worked there till 1997. When he came back to Lithuania he started working in Vilnius Bernardinai church. He worked at catholic radio “Mažoji studija” since 1992 (with a gap of several years) and now he is the editor in chief there. He collaborates with cultural press.
A member of Lithuanian Writers’ Union since 2015.

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A w a r d s :
2012 Statuette of Saint Christopher.