Mikulėnaitė-Jonuškienė Rūta

Rūta Mikulėnaitė-Jonuškienė – poetess.
She was born 25 January, 1958 in Kloviniai, Utena district.
In 1976 she finished T. Tilvytis Secondary school. In 1976-1980 she studied at Vilnius Pedagogical Institute where she acquired a speciality of a teacher of Lithuanian language and literature. In 1997 she finished the professional studies at Vilnius University and Open Society Fund Lithuania Center of Journalism. In 2005 she finished her interdisciplinary three year studies in the field of psychic health. From 1980 till 1989 she worked as an assistant manager and as a teacher of Lithuanian language and literature at Kuktiškiai Primary school in Utena district. From 1989 till 1994 she worked as a teacher at Vyturiai Secondary school in Utena. During the years of 1994-2006 she worked as a journalist at “Utenis” newspaper. Since 1985 she participates in the activity of Utena litterateurs club “Verdenė”, she edits books and almanacks, helps local specialists in Lithuanian philology to organize literature competitions for pupils. Until her trip to Scotland, where she lives now, she participated in activity of Lithuania Teachers Creative Association “Spindulys”. Since 2006 she lives and works in Scotland.
A member of Lithuanian Writers’ Union since 2003.

B i b l i o g r a p h y :
Smilgos paukštis: poetry. – Utena: Utenos spaustuvė, 1996.
Žalčio sesuo: poetry. – Utena: Utenos Indra, 2001.
Takažolės laiškai: poetry. – Utena: Sapnų sala, 2005.
Kaip iš grumsto žolė: poetry (together with A. Misiukaitė-Driskiuvienė, M. Stundžia). – Utena: Utenos spaustuvė, 2005.
Papartynų aitvaras: poems. – Utena: Utenos Indra, 2014.

A w a r d s :
1997 Award by Culture and Education department of Utena district for best debut of the year.
2001 Culture and Art award of Utena district Government for poetry book “Žalčio sesuo”.
2015 Antanas Miškinis literary award for poetry book “Papartynų aitvaras”.