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Jurevičius Stasys

Stasys Jurevičius – poet.
He was born 7 July, 1936 in Kaniūkai, Molėtai district.
He finished Alanta Secondary school. In 1960 he finished his studies of Lithuanian language and literature at Vilnius Pedagogical Institute. After his studies he worked at Institute of the Lithuanian Language and Literature, Lithuanian State Archive, editorial office of encyclopedias, at radio and television and as a teacher. He started writing when he was still at school and was a member of Vilnius Young Writers’ Section. His poetry was included into various almanacks and collections.

B i b l i o g r a p h y :
Viršum bežadžių šulinių: poems. – Vilnius: Periodika, 1989.
Kaniūkų kalneliai: poetry. – Vilnius: Geležinkelininkų leidyklos centras, 2000.
Juodasis namo sąsiuvinis: from the notes of a member of community. – Vilnius: Gelspa, 2005.
Susiošę valandėlę: poems. – Vilnius: Homo liber, 2008.