Jakimavičius Liudvikas

Photo by Benediktas Januševičius

Photo by Benediktas Januševičius

Liudvikas Jakimavičius – poet, playwright, literary critic.
He was born 21 August, 1959 in Kuliai, Plungė district.
In 1985 he finished his studies of the Lithuanian language and literature at Vilnius University and in 1991 – courses of scriptwriters at Music Academy. From 1988 till 1998 he worked at “Šėpa” theater and editorial offices of “Sietynas”, “Metai”. From 1998 he worked at editorial office of “7 meno dienos”, “Literatūra ir menas”, as a producer in different firms and as a script writer and director at Baltija TV. His poetry has been included in various collections, anthologies and almanacks.
A member of Lithuanian Writers’ Union since 1993.

B i b l i o g r a p h y :
Milžino širdis: play. – 1985.
Gaisrininkų legendos: play. – 1989.
Kitoj miško pusėj: poems. – Vilnius: Vaga, 1989.
Medinė: poems in English and Lithuanian. – Vilnius: Lietuvos rašytojų sąjungos leidykla, 2001.
Dusenos: catalogue of works by M. Šnipas (co-author). – Vilnius: Ciklonas, 1998.
Sargo nuotykis: book for children. – Vilnius: Alma littera, 2005.
Elio: poetry. – Vilnius: Lietuvos rašytojų sąjungos leidykla, 2007.
Lapė ir kaliošai: prose for children. – Vilnius: Dominicus Lituanus, 2008.
Katinėlis ir gaidelis Kalėdų ieškojo: fairy tale. – Vilnius: Dominicus Lituanus, 2009.
Vamzdis: prose: essays. – Vilnius: Versus aureus, 2010.
Žiogas Zigmas Žalgirio mūšyje. – Vilnius: Dominicus Lituanus, 2010.
Gaisrininkų legendos: epical drama or dramatic epopee. – Vilnius: Dominicus Lituanus, 2011.
Vytuko Lietuva. – Vilnius: Mokslo ir enciklopedijų leidybos centras, 2014.

D r e w   u p :
Poezijos pavasaris 2002: almanack (together with E. Ališanka, S. Geda). – Vilnius: Vaga, 2002.
Mylėjau: anthology of poets of Sarbievijus yard. – Vilnius: Dominicus Lituanus, 2012.

A w a r d s :
Firefighters award for play “Gaisrininkų legendos”.
2003 Award of Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania for journalism.
2007 Book “Elio” was included into the list of twelve most creative books of the year.
2008 Award of Lithuanian Writers’ Union for poetry book “Elio”.