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Poetry Spring festival 2020

2020 January 21 d.

Photo credit – Benediktas januševičius

International Poetry Spring festival is to be held from 17th to 31st of May 2020 for the 56th time in Vilnius and other localities in Lithuania. The Poetry Spring festival, held each year since 1965, is the largest annual literary event in Lithuania with more than hundred events, which is organized by the Lithuanian Writers’ Union as well as the Writers’ Club. Each year, the Poetry Spring festival is visited by about 10 guest poets from different countries. This year the guest poets are Dan Coman (Romania), Sabrina Brilo (Byelorussia), Adam Vajna (Hungary), Carolina Pihelgas (Estonia), Bejan Matur (Turkey), Bayasgalan Batsuuri (Mongolia), Henriks Eliass Zegners (Latvia), Simon Lewis (Ireland), Petr Hruška (Czech Republic) and Federico Diaz Granados (Colombia).

For more information contact Coordinator of International Programmes at the Lithuanian Writers’ Union Marija Mažulė: inter (eta) rasytojai.lt or by phone +37060008285